Our story

Coined from the words sustainability and dictionary, Sustainary is a completely online platform focused on providing individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments the best possible methods of sustainability and efficiency.

In building our strong database, we launched this smart and innovative platform through different phases, working with various features to operate. One of the salient features of our collaborative platform is artificial intelligence, helping you identify opportunities and risks in the most efficient way possible.

We value collaboration as we believe sustainability is not solely the work of one man alone—this is why in Sustainary, cooperation and sharing are keys to the best ideas, processes, and solutions.

Partnered with OneTreePlanted, a non-profit organization with global reforestation as its focus, Sustainary shows its care for relevant worldwide matters like the environment. For every service we deliver, and for every company we help to create something new, OneTreePlanted plants one tree. Likewise, we share a considerable amount from our own earnings every month.

You can contact us at hello@sustainary.com or find us at: